Here at Switched On Solutions we know that excessive or inefficient energy usage can be costly for your business. So we have specialists who can help and advise you on both improving efficiency and reducing energy usage and costs. Through careful consideration of your business’s individual and unique requirements, we can help you to –

  • Assess your current usage and efficiency
  • Improve on your premises’ and business’s energy efficiency
  • Reduce how much gas and power you actually use
  • Save through reduction and by never paying more than you need to for the gas & power that you do use

Our A.I.R.S. approach to making your business more energy efficient resulting in less energy use, reduced carbon emissions, and lower annual costs.

1. Assessment

Our specialists assess your current energy use at your premises and report back to you their findings. Site visits and assessments can generally be carried out free of charge and without obligation.

2. Improvement

We will report on ways to improve your buildings’ thermal efficiency and energy usage and recommend further improvements.

3. Reduction

We will help you reduce your actual energy usage through a combination of measures. These may include the installation of energy efficient generation equipment and fixtures and fittings which use the energy more efficiently. Please see our Energy Use Reduction leaflet for examples of measures we can implement for you.

4. Save

By independently researching the UK supply market we ensure you never pay more than you need to for the energy that you do use.

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